If you’re currently shopping for a new luxury car near Chicago, you may be trying to decide between a new or certified pre-owned Jaguar car in addition to choosing your model. It’s important to understand that a certified pre-owned car isn’t just any old “used car,” but it’s equally important to know the pros and cons when purchasing a CPO vehicle. Jaguar Northfield can help. 


Customization: When you buy a certified pre-owned car, you’re getting someone else’s ideal car — their combination of colors, options, and features — rather than something you’ve made your own.

Older Technology: The Jaguar brand updates its InTouch infotainment system frequently, and each model year brings new advances in other areas like safety.

Selection: The inventory of certified pre-owned Jaguar cars isn’t going to be as large as our pre-owned or new stock. For one thing, many people buy their cars for a longer term than would qualify for the CPO program. For another, the rigorous inspection process designates these vehicles adhere to a high level of quality, so they really are the cream of the crop.

Cost: Because it’s newer and in better condition, a CPO car comes at a bit of a premium over an ordinary used car.


Cost: Yes, we did just mention this as a con. But it has an upshot as well. While it’s more expensive than an ordinary pre-owned car, it’s also less expensive than a new Jaguar car.

Technology: Again? Yes. Here’s why: a fully-loaded brand new Jaguar F-TYPE R Coupe is going to cost far more than the same model — with the same trim and the same features — from a couple of years ago. CPO vehicles are recent model years, so they have as close to the latest technology as possible.

Warranty: Our CPO Jaguar cars come with a warranty for your peace of mind. Ordinary pre-owned cars aren’t usually warranted.

Financing: You can finance practically anything in our inventory. However, the Jaguar finance terms on a CPO car are better than they’d be for a used car.

We realize that after reading this overview, you may have as many questions as answers. We welcome them — and you — at Jaguar Northfield. Visit your local Jaguar dealership at 670 Frontage Road today and we’ll help with selection, financing, Jaguar car service, and any other automotive needs you may have.