We recently covered some of the ways that you can get your new Jaguar car ready for winter here at our service center. One of the main components you’ll need to keep your eye on is your battery. This part can act up in cold weather, but fortunately you have the experts at Jaguar Northfield on your side. There are a few ways to keep your battery in top shape.

Your battery helps your car start, but freezing temperatures can affect its performance. You don’t want to end up stranded somewhere with a car that won’t start this winter, so taking some extra steps to take care of it can be well worth your time. One thing we recommend is an inspection of the battery itself. You’ll want to see if there’s excess corrosion on the cables and connectors. Our technicians can then clean that up for you. We can also test your battery to see what kind of lifespan it has left. If you need a replacement, we’ll find a dependable one for you.

You’ll also want to be careful not to do anything that could drain the battery. This is a good idea all year round, but it’s especially important during the Illinois winter. One way to do that is by making sure you don’t leave your interior lights or headlights on when you get out of the car. It’s also a good idea to pack jumper cables in your trunk. If your battery does die, you’ll be able to give it a jump start. Follow these tips and your 2018 Jaguar XE will run smoothly all season long.

For all of your service needs, make our Jaguar dealership serving Chicago your first stop. We’ll make it easy to keep your stylish Jaguar vehicle in top shape. We look forward to meeting you!