Here at Jaguar Northfield, we’ve noticed two trends in recent years. Many drivers are looking for crossovers. Other drivers are looking for greener vehicles. The new Jaguar model, the Jaguar I-Pace, could be perfect for you if you’re searching for both of these things. 

The Jaguar I-Pace will make its formal debut next month, but we already know a lot about this unique vehicle. Some drivers think that electric vehicles are boring to drive, while others have “range anxiety” and worry that an electric car won’t be able to get them to where they needed to go without running out of juice. The Jaguar I-Pace tries to address both of these issues head-on.

This electric crossover will actually offer a lot of power and the kind of performance you’re come to expect from the Jaguar brand. Its electric motors put out a combined 400 horsepower, so no drive in this model will ever be boring. The Jaguar I-Pace will also be an all-wheel drive vehicle, so bad weather and rough road conditions are less of an issue.

It will also offer a range of more than 200 miles on a single charge. That’s great news, but we were even more excited to hear about its unique charging technology. At a 100-kW charging station, the Jaguar I-Pace will be able to charge from zero to eighty percent in less than an hour! In a mere forty-five minutes, you’re ready to hit the road again. We can’t wait to see this vehicle for ourselves.

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