At Jaguar Northfield, we know that you want to take great care of your vehicle. Now that spring is almost here, it’s a great time to make sure that your Jaguar car has recovered from the winter. You probably want to take some long road trips in the nice weather, and our qualified mechanics can help with that.

At our Jaguar service center, there are a few things that we can check to make sure that your car is ready for a new season. Your tires may have taken a beating this winter, so our mechanics will inspect them to determine if they’re still in optimal condition. If not, we’ll suggest a tire rotation or a wheel alignment depending on the results. We also sell brand-name tires if you’re ever in need of a new set. We’ll make sure that your tires are ready to handle spring and summer road trips.

There’s also some spring cleaning that you can do on your own. Most people think of their homes when they’re focused on spring cleaning, but we think that you should focus on your Jaguar model as well.

You’ve been trekking in snow, mud, and road salt all winter long, so make sure you clean your floor mats! You might also want to vacuum and take the time to reorganize. If you’ve got some winter stuff in your car, why not take it out and declutter as a part of the spring cleaning process?

We also can’t stress enough the importance of car washes and details to rid of all winter elements.

Whether you’re shopping for a pre-owned Jaguar car or you’re in need of mechanical expertise, visit our Jaguar dealership near Skokie, IL today. We’re ready to assist you with all of your automotive needs. We hope to see you soon!