Here at Jaguar Northfield, we make it easy to find the perfect new or pre-owned Jaguar vehicle. We also make it easy to decide whether you should lease or buy. Both options offer their own pros and cons, depending on your driving preferences and needs. Let’s take a closer look at leasing to see if that could work for you.

When you lease a vehicle like the 2018 Jaguar XE, you’ll notice that there are a few big clauses in the contract that you need to pay attention to. One thing that may throw off a driver who’s never leased before is the mileage limit. Most lease agreements say that you can only drive a certain amount per year, like 12,000 miles. Going over means extra fees.

On the other hand, some lease agreements can be modified to cover some types of preventative maintenance. That could make it easier to predict how much a car will cost you over the next few years, since it helps eliminate some unexpected expenses.

A down payment is often required when you decide to lease a car, and then you’ll make monthly payments until your agreement ends, generally after two to three years. When your agreement is done, you can bring your car back to our dealership and lease a new vehicle, purchase the one you’d been leasing, or simply walk away. Whatever you decide, know that our Jaguar dealers are ready to help you out.

Leasing is a great option for those who are looking to save a little or are still deciding which model best suits them and their lifestyle.

When you decide to lease a luxurious new car, visit our Jaguar dealership near Skokie, IL. Our experts can answer your questions about specific models and vehicle financing. We look forward to assisting you!