When winter arrives here at our Jaguar dealership near Chicago, IL, it’s not shy. No, Old Man Winter makes himself known, and the last thing you want is to be caught unawares behind the wheel. That’s why it’s important to winterize your vehicle.

Safe driving in the wintertime is all about being properly equipped. First thing’s first: vehicle fluids. You’ll want to make sure your coolant, oil, and wiper fluid are all filled up and properly calibrated. What do we mean by properly calibrated? The correct ratio of antifreeze to water in your coolant will ensure it doesn’t freeze in your radiator. Freeze-resistant wiper fluid will allow you to keep your windshield free of snow and ice. And in some cases, thinner oil is recommended for the winter months.

Next up are your tires. Winter driving is a completely different animal than spring or summer driving, and it requires different tires. Snow tires are built to withstand harsh conditions, thanks to specially formulated rubber compounds and more aggressive tread and siping. Siping is a process whereby small slits are cut into the tire treads to create more surface area and thus more traction.

While they’re perfect for winter, snow tires aren’t built for the warmer months. So what do you do with your warm-weather tires in the wintertime—and your snow tires during the warmer months? Here at Jaguar Northfield, we’ve got you covered with our wheel and tire storage program.

Battery capacity drops along with the temperature, so be sure to have one of our skilled technicians check your battery, cables, and terminals to make sure you’ve got a battery you can count on. Give our Jaguar service center a call at 855-290-4625 to get your Jaguar vehicle ready for winter.