As excited as you are to drive your new Jaguar vehicle, there’s someone who’s even more excited than you: your pet. But when your trusted pal starts clamoring to climb inside, all too often that voice in the back of your head pipes up with practical concerns. “He’ll muddy up the car!” “She’ll tear up the seats!” “Won’t anybody think of the resale value?!” Just in time for the holidays, the Jaguar brand has come up with a way to quiet that voice: Jaguar Pet Products.

These great new Jaguar parts will help keep your Jaguar vehicle in pristine condition while ensuring that your best friend never misses out on the adventure. First and foremost, you need to provide some easy access in and out of your vehicle. That’s where the collapsible rear access ramp comes in. It’s a really cool idea, and we’re big fans here at Jaguar Northfield. But what about when they’re inside? How will you stop them from making a mess? The quilted luggage compartment liner has got you covered. Well, technically, it has your luggage compartment covered. The full-height luggage partition will help make that area their own.

The spill-resistant water bowl will help your pet keep the back area dry, and the luggage compartment rubber mat will help you get rid of muddy paw prints in a jiffy. Speaking of muddy paw prints, the portable shower is sure to come in handy.

Jaguar Pet Products are available in a variety of different packages. Ask us about them next time you’re here at our Northfield, IL Jaguar dealership. And don’t forget to ask us about all of the Jaguar parts for sale right now, including 15 percent off dealer installed accessories through January 15th.