When the snow finally melts, where will your Jaguar be? Have you been running hard this month with your 2019 Jaguar F-PACE? Then chances are that your vehicle will need some maintenance as it sheds the hoar of the frost, cold, and salt. And to make sure that your Jaguar is given as pristine care as possible, Jaguar Northfield is here to instruct you on the proper procedure for taking care of your vehicle as the weather warms.

To begin, you need to give your vehicle a thorough cleaning, inside and out. Getting the cabin detailed and the floor mats, if you have them, cleaned, will keep the mats free of the drying and decaying salt that has undoubtedly caked up on your winter shoes, just like the car wash will remove the same on the undercarriage. However, the salt on the undercarriage can lead to rusting and generally un-Jaguar-like things, so it’s imperative to get that taken care of.

After that you will need to check in on your tires. The road has been doing some heavy-duty work on your alignment as well, so getting your tires rotated is key to making sure they wear evenly and properly. You also might discover some tires that need a full replacement, and it’s better you find that now rather than later. Avoiding potholes is a way of life, and once the snow melts, it’s a lot harder to do, so the sooner you can get it done the better.

From there, you will need to check under the hood. The winter can do a lot to deplete things like windshield wiper fluid and more. So make sure that a proper technician checks out your Jaguar to make sure nothing else has been compromised.

And wouldn’t you know it, the best way to get your Jaguar taken care of is from the leading service experts in our Jaguar service center. Our expert service technicians will make sure that your vehicle will be in top condition and as right as rain for the April showers to come. Just think about the May flowers.