At Jaguar Northfield, we take pride in ensuring a safe and captivating drive for every one of our Northfield customers. Many of us take for granted the ways our cars keep us safe, so today we want to show you how Jaguar is taking strides into the future to provide you with the safest vehicles possible.

There is an entire suite of safety features that Jaguar currently comes with standard and several of them are not found on lesser car manufacturers. Features like the Driver Condition Monitor use specialized analysis of your driving patterns and then use and a variety of outside factors to determine whether you’re getting sleepy or less attentive behind the wheel. If it’s positive, the system will display a visual and audible warning advising you to pull over and take a break. But your face isn’t the only thing a Jaguar can read – with Traffic Sign Recognition, vehicles like a new 2019 Jaguar F-PACE spot road signs and remind you of them if you missed them, or read their numbers and can set your speed accordingly to keep yourself within the speed limit.

When it comes to available features, things get futuristic. For instance, consider Adaptive Cruise Control with Queue Assist. Sensors at the front of your Jaguar take heed of when a vehicle in front of you either speeds up or slows down and can adjust your speed accordingly to match up with the flow of traffic while maintaining a safe distance from the vehicle as well.

So come into our Northfield, IL Jaguar dealership today for the best deals on the best luxury cars on the market, which also keep you, your passengers, and the other cars around you safer than they’ve ever been before. See you soon!