At Jaguar Northfield, we’re committed to making sure that the hottest thing on the road is your Jaguar. However, just because we’re being figurative doesn’t mean you need to walk into a hot cabin the first time you walk into your vehicle every day. There are plenty of ways to beat the heat, and we’re going to share a few with you today.

First up, ensure that whatever you’re parking, be it a 2019 Jaguar F-Pace or a certified pre-owned Jaguar XE, find the shadiest spot you can to keep the sun off of it. To help mitigate the heat of the sun’s rays even further, a windshield sunshade can keep heat out and protect your pristine leather upholstery from premature damage. To keep your vehicle’s cabin cooler via a more direct approach, a specially-mounted window fan can move the cabin air out of Your Jaguar and allow cooler air from outside, creating an equalizer effect that can really reduce the temps in your vehicle.

One thing you should always be doing is taking in your Jaguar car for regular maintenance at our Northfield, IL Jaguar service center. Our trained professionals deal directly with your vehicle, and a small problem, such as an air conditioning unit that needs a recharge can be addressed and taken care of before it becomes a much bigger problem. It’s always a good idea to make sure you bring your vehicle in before it gets too hot, because no one wants to be caught without AC when the temps hit triple digits.

So make sure you come into our Chicagoland Jaguar dealership to get your vehicle taken care of today. You’re already driving the hottest thing on the road, you deserve to stay cool while doing it.