At Jaguar Northfield, we pride ourselves on making sure every vehicle we sell is taken care of, for life. Just as the Jaguar is an extension of the owner, so is it an extension of Jaguar’s name for the rest of the world. So, when it’s time to take your Jaguar in for its regularly-scheduled oil change, then you should only take it to the one place that cares for it just as much as you do: the Jaguar service center at Jaguar Northfield.

Oil changes are universal for a reason. Old engine oil is one of the leading causes of wear and tear on any engine, no matter how well-built. Fresh oil keeps the engine temperature at ideal heat levels, making sure that damage is kept to a minimum. However, over time the impurities from combustion and other debris begin to build up inside the engine, making the oil heat up much faster than normal. This allows for excess heat to accumulate and damage the internal mechanisms of the engine over time, resulting in a loss of lifespan that could have been completely avoided.

So when you take your vehicle in for this important operation, the experts at Jaguar Northfield make sure that they use only the finest engine oils formulated for your Jaguar car, and then also perform a thorough inspection of your vehicle to look for any other problems. If some arise, our certified technicians will remedy it, and if parts are needed, you can rest assured that only Original Equipment parts will be used in the repair of your Jaguar.

So if you’re overdue to change your Jaguar’s oil, don’t delay – our Jaguar Chicago vehicle service center is ready to supply you with the parts and equipment you need to ensure your Jaguar lives a long, healthy, and most importantly – fun life.