Winters in the Windy City can be rough, and if they’re rough on you, you know they’re rough on your Jaguar. It’s never a bad idea to pamper your vehicle, or at the least, get it prepared for the chilly weather to come. At Jaguar Northfield’s Jaguar service center, we’re here to keep your vehicle protected from the elements so you can continue to enjoy your drive as the snow falls and roads ice.

When you take your luxury car in to our auto service center, it will be taken care of by only the best certified Jaguar technicians, and we use only Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts to ensure the proper durability, lifespan, and fit.

Winterization starts with your wheels – if you’ve been hot-rodding in your 2020 Jaguar F-PACE during these warm summer months, then you might be running on a worn summer tire, which is essentially the worst combination of adjectives to place in front of a tire that’s supposed to handle winter weather. Switching to a harder all-season tire, or better yet, a winter tire, is ideal, since the bigger tread patterns and bolder lines make grip easier on the road thanks to increased surface area. But if the tires you had previously are still healthy, just off-season, then we can store your tires until it’s time to bring them back out once more, which we will then gladly put back on your vehicle.

There’s much more we can do, and much more to cover, but it is probably best if you hear about it from our trained Jaguar professionals at our Northfield, IL Jaguar dealership and service center. Our people are always ready to help, and together, we’ll make your Jaguar ready for the winter here at Jaguar Northfield.