Your 2020 Jaguar XE does all it can to give you an exhilarating performance and keep you in plush comfort on your morning commute, so why don’t you do something nice for it? Take it in for scheduled maintenance at Jaguar Northfield. Our team of certified Jaguar technicians and mechanics provide superior Jaguar service that you cannot find anywhere else. We deliver exactly what your luxury car needs to make sure it lasts for the long haul.

Far too often we encounter people who lapse on an oil change or two. It might seem innocuous, but we assure you, changing your Jaguar’s oil is as vital as making sure there’s gas in the tank. Engine oil is supposed to keep your engine as cool as possible and promote minimal friction, so when it needs to be replaced, it’s because the oil has become far too viscous and friction-causing rather than preventing. Impurities from engine combustion and metal shavings build up inside, and the oil heats up much faster than when it was first put in, which causes your Jaguar’s engine to work harder to achieve the same levels of power you’re used to.

When you entrust your Jaguar’s health to our team, we make sure to provide the optimal blend of oil for your engine and check on other often-replaced parts to make sure they’re good. We’ll take a look at everything from your air filters and brakes to your fluid levels and wiper blades. If we do replace anything, we’ll only use genuine original equipment manufacturer parts, so you don’t have to worry about fit or quality.

Make your appointment with us today and make sure that you’re doing right by your Jaguar. We’ll see you soon!