The more you drive, the more the parts in your car wear down. Generally, the big components will hold up well with proper maintenance, but sometimes they also need repairs.

This servicing guide from our Jaguar service experts will explain some red flags that may indicate that there’s a problem with your engine.

Decreased Power

Are you struggling to get your Jaguar car up to speed, especially when you get on the highway? The issue could be related to poor fuel delivery. Or, it may also be due to worn parts inside your engine.

Weird Sounds

If you hear knocking sounds while driving, your engine bearings may be wearing out. Other sounds that indicate a potential engine problem include popping, hissing, or backfiring while driving or parking.

Bad Smells

Do you smell something foul when you turn on your vehicle? When the exhaust stroke in the engine is beginning to fail, the exhaust coming out of your car may smell.

Too Much Smoke

While a little smoke is normal when you start your engine, there may be a problem if tons of smoke comes out of your exhaust pipe.

If the smoke is white, it could mean that your coolant is leaking. Blue smoke indicates an internal oil leak, while black smoke means that too much gas is being burnt.

Check Engine Light

In some cases, your car will tell you when something isn’t right with your engine. Even if you don’t notice any of the above symptoms, if your check engine light comes on, your engine needs to be examined as soon as possible.

If your car is experiencing any of these warning signs, make an appointment with our Jaguar dealership near Evanston.