All vehicles need regular service so they can operate as they’re intended to. Luxury car owners in particular have to give their vehicles extra care and attention. If you don’t get regular Jaguar service, you may be hurting your car in three key ways.

1. Limited Vehicle Performance 

A Jaguar is a fine-tuned machine, and as such, its parts and components have to be examined periodically. It doesn’t take much for something small to turn into a larger issue, but this can be avoided when technicians can inspect a vehicle regularly.

During each service appointment, our Jaguar service experts make sure that all vehicle systems are in tip-top condition for optimal performance.  

2. Decreased Lifespan of Certain Parts 

The parts in your Jaguar car wear down incrementally every time you drive. This is why things need to be replaced in a timely manner.

If you wait too long to get new brake pads, for example, your entire braking system could be negatively affected. If you don’t rotate your tires, they will wear out much faster. 

3. Wasted Money

When parts wear out faster, you have to replace them sooner, which means needing to spend more money. If you put off crucial service tasks like oil changes, this may eventually result in engine failure. The result of this is a big and expensive repair or perhaps having to buy an entirely new engine.  

Don’t Neglect Service for Your Car 

You’re putting your car and your wallet in jeopardy by forgoing necessary maintenance. If you would like to rectify that, schedule an appointment with our service experts at Jaguar Northfield.