Are you putting the right gas in your car? You may have filled it up a thousand times and this question may never have actually crossed your mind. To help ensure that your car gets the fuel it needs, our Jaguar service center put together this helpful guide. 

Regular Gas vs. Premium Gas 

Most vehicles run perfectly fine on regular gas because their engines are designed in such a way that this type of fuel offers the best performance. Certain vehicles, however, need premium gas. Those with high-compression engines – like Jaguar models, for example – require it.

Though premium gas may not be essential for some vehicles, it could still be recommended.  

How Do I Know What Type of Fuel to Use? 

You can usually check your owner’s manual to get this information. Your fuel door may also tell you.

In the case of premium recommended, it’s up to you what you want to use. You may get better performance with premium fuel. 

What Will Premium Gas Do for a Regular Car? 

Some people think that putting premium gas in a car with a regular engine will improve its performance. The truth is that it really doesn’t do anything and you’re spending more money than you need to.

Can I Put Regular Gas in a Premium Engine? 

If you drive a car with a high-compression engine, two things will happen if you use regular gas. First, your gas mileage and performance will suffer. You could also hurt your engine, which may result in an expensive repair.  

The next time you fill up, make sure you’re putting in the right type of fuel. You may also want to think about getting an oil change if your gas mileage has dropped. You can make an appointment with our service center at Jaguar Northfield to have this or any other maintenance done.