When you drive a luxury model like pre-owned Jaguar, you want to keep it in fantastic condition. In order to do this, you will need to give it the routine care and maintenance it needs, which you can do here at Jaguar Northfield.  

Oil Changes

Your oil should be changed every six months, regardless of how many miles you put on your car. Even if a vehicle isn’t driven very often, oil degrades over time. It also gets thick, so it won’t be able to provide the moving parts in the engine with the right amount of lubrication.  

Battery Tests

What’s the age of your battery? If it’s five years or older, it may be on its last legs. Even if it is newer than that, it is a good idea to have your battery tested on a yearly basis so you will know how much charge it has left. 

Tire Rotations

Because tires don’t wear down evenly, they should be rotated regularly – about twice per year. In addition to maintaining good performance, tires that are rotated will have a much longer lifespan.  

Brake Inspections

Like the battery, your braking system should be closely looked at annually. Shoes and pads wear down – especially with a lot of stop-and-go driving – so it is important to know what kind of shape they are in. 

Fluid Top-Offs

Many systems in your Jaguar – like the transmission and brakes – require fluids to function properly. All reservoirs should be checked every few months to make sure that the fluids are at the proper levels.  

Give Your Vehicle the Service It Needs 

Our Jaguar service team at Jaguar Northfield can help you keep your car in great shape. Contact us to make an appointment!