Having a luxury car like a Jaguar is great — until you have to stop to get gas. Although premium fuel is more expensive than ever, you may be able to cut your expenses. There are a few things you can start doing right now, including some important Jaguar service tasks.

Slow Down

You know that your car uses up gas whenever it’s running, but you may not know that your driving habits affect your fuel consumption. Speeding up rapidly instead of gradually or putting the pedal to the metal when you’re out on the highway cause you to burn more gas. Don’t be in such a rush to get where you’re going, and you’ll save money.

Change Your Oil

How long has it been since your last oil change? If it’s been longer than six months, you’re overdue for Jaguar oil service. Once you get fresh oil in your tank, you may immediately notice that you’re not stopping to get gas as often. This is because clean oil allows for optimal engine performance. Old and thick oil makes the engine work harder, resulting in more gas being used.

Keep Your Tires Properly Inflated

If your tires are underinflated, your fuel economy suffers. Check all your tires regularly to make sure they’re at the right levels on a regular basis. And don’t rely on your car’s monitoring system — it won’t notify you unless they get below 75%.

Saving on fuel costs is more important than ever, but with a few changes, you’ll find driving less painful on the budget. Count on the service center at Jaguar Northfield for any maintenance your car needs.