When something is off with your Jaguar, you probably know it pretty quickly. Of course, diagnosing what the problem is exactly is another matter. Here our Jaguar service center offers some warning signs with your tires that you don’t want to ignore.

You Find Bald Spots

The treads on your tires have to be deep to supply you with adequate stopping power. If they get too shallow — or even start balding — your traction will be reduced significantly, which is extremely dangerous.

You See Cracks or Bubbles

Even if the treads look fine, there are other red flags you can spot with a visual inspection. Cracking on the sides means that the rubber is decaying. And if you see what looks like a bubble, this probably means that something has caused the inner lining to rupture and there’s a leak.

You Hear Unusual Grinding or Humming Sounds

Weird sounds can be related to a variety of things with a vehicle. But, if you hear something odd that seems to be coming from your tires, this can be a problem. A grinding or humming sound often indicates that a wheel bearing has gone bad.

You Need to Reinflate Often

Another warning sign is if you frequently need to put air in one or more tires. Almost certainly this is telling you that there’s damage. While a patch may be able to fix this, if the tire is on the older side, it’s probably smarter just to get a new set.

Are any of these issues familiar? If so, you can get a new tire or an entire set from Jaguar Northfield. Contact our service center to make an appointment today!