You might make a point to have your oil changed or tires rotated routinely, but what do you do for your battery? Regular Jaguar battery service is vital for ensuring that your car starts every morning. Here we answer common questions about battery maintenance.

What Kind of Service Does a Battery Need?

Battery service involves two things. First, technicians will give it a visual inspection to make sure that there aren’t loose connections or any corrosion. The battery will then be tested in order to gauge its charge.

When Does My Battery Need to Be Serviced?

You should plan to have your battery serviced every year. This will let you keep tabs on how much power it has left.

When Should a Battery Be Replaced?

Batteries generally only last between three and five years. This is why having it tested is a good idea. If a technician tells you that its charge is getting low, you can then have it replaced.

What are the Signs of a Bad Battery?

There are a couple of big red flags telling you that something is wrong with your battery, including:

Your Car Has Trouble Starting

If it takes too many turns of the key to start your Jaguar, the battery could be on its last legs. Worst case scenario? You wind up on the shoulder of a road waiting for roadside assistance.

The Lights are Dim

Do your headlights seem dimmer than usual, or maybe the cabin lights aren’t working well? This is another red flag you don’t want to overlook.

Because a battery is so important for your car, it has to be maintained to keep it in good condition. If yours seems to be acting up, make an appointment with the service center at Jaguar Northfield. You can come to us or we can come to you to pick up your vehicle — either way, our experts have your back.