Is your Jaguar ready for winter? It may not be if you haven’t gotten some key maintenance tasks done recently. Our Jaguar service center will make sure it’s prepared for the harsh weather on the way. We will do this by addressing four key areas.


While all fluids in your car are important, there are two in particular that are especially vital this time of year. First, you have to ensure that you have enough anti-freeze, as this will help prevent your engine from freezing. You also need to have enough windshield wiper fluid. and it has to be the right type that won’t freeze.


We’ve all experienced the dread that comes from skidding on a slippery road. This is why your tires need to be in excellent condition before the snow and ice arrive. The treads have to be deep to offer the best traction and stopping power. You may also want to consider putting on a set of winter tires.


Batteries can struggle mightily when temperatures plummet. To ensure that yours has enough power to get your car started no matter how cold it gets, it needs to be tested. You’ll then be able to have it replaced if the charge is running low.

Windshield Wipers

Will your wipers be able to handle the snow, sleet, freezing rain, and other precipitation we’ll be getting? If they’re old or shabby, probably not. Now is the time to replace them so you can be sure you will always have good visibility.

Make an appointment with the service center at Jaguar Northfield if you need these winterizing maintenance tasks or any other services. We’re here to serve you!