Your Jaguar car is made up of thousands of components that all need to work together to provide you with exceptional performance. The more you drive, the more likely it is that some of these parts will wear down or stop doing their job as well. Wheel alignment is a good example — here are four signs that you need Jaguar service to fix this problem.

Pulling to the Right or Left

On a perfectly straight road, your Jaguar should drive perfectly straight without any guidance needed from you. If the car is pulling itself to one side or another, the alignment is probably the culprit. 

Your Steering Wheel is Crooked

Your steering wheel should naturally be at a level position. If it’s crooked and you need to move it back to that position to keep the car straight, this is almost certainly an alignment issue.

Vibrating Wheels or Steering Wheel

When you’re out driving and you feel vibrations from your tires, this could be another indication of misalignment. This may mean that two tires are trying to pull the car in opposite directions. This can also be felt through the steering wheel.

The Tire Treads are Uneven

Finally, you’ll want to examine your tires to gauge your alignment. If you notice that one or more have lower treads compared to the others, this probably means that the pressure being put on the tires isn’t even.

Schedule Wheel Alignment Service in Northfield, IL

Do any of these issues seem familiar? If so, get in touch with the service center at Jaguar Northfield to make an appointment. We will diagnose the problem and make sure you get an expert repair. We can also pick your vehicle up and return it when the work is finished. Schedule service today!