Did you know that many new cars are actually made of old car parts? A big percentage of the materials used for their construction come from recycled vehicles. This is beneficial for a number of reasons. First of all, this cuts the costs of manufacturers, which helps keep car prices down. And when fewer materials need to be created, this reduces carbon emissions. This guide goes over exactly how Jaguar parts and cars get recycled.

Fluids are Removed

When a car has been determined to be at the end of its life – or perhaps is not worth fixing after an accident – the first step in the recycling process is to take out all of the remaining fluids and dispose of them properly.

Parts are Inspected

The next step is a close examination of the parts in the vehicle. If anything is still in good shape, it will be removed and sent somewhere to be repaired or refurbished.

Shredded and Crushed

Once the fluids and all viable components are taken out, the car will go through a machine that will first shred it and then crush it into a cube.

Mixed with Other Metals

In order for a car manufacturer to use a cube for the production of another car, it will need to be strengthened. In order to do this, other metals will need to be added.

Sent Out to Jaguar

When the cube is ready, it will then be sent out to a Jaguar factory so it can be used to craft a new vehicle.

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