Even if your Jaguar car is running in optimal condition right now, you should know that at some point, a component will need to be replaced. And when this day comes, you have to be smart about the Jaguar parts you use. This guide goes over the two types available, what they offer, and why one is the better option than the other.

OEM Parts

At Jaguar Northfield, we use OEM – also known as genuine – auto parts. This is because these are the highest-quality parts available. These are made by Jaguar, so they are built and designed by experts and comprised of the finest materials. As a result, this ensures great performance and durability. OEM Jaguar parts are also meant for specific models, which means that they will have a precise fit. They also come with warranty coverage protecting against defects.

Aftermarket Parts

Your other choice when it comes to auto parts is aftermarket components. These are made by third-party parts companies. While they are cheaper than OEM parts, this is because they are made of lower-quality materials. The result is that they typically wear down a lot faster. In addition, they are intended to fit in a variety of makes and models, so they may not offer an exact fit. Aftermarket parts often don’t come with warranties, or they can be very limiting.

Trust Jaguar Northfield for Authentic OEM Parts

To keep your Jaguar car running as it should, only OEM parts should be used. If you need a new component, contact the parts department at Jaguar Northfield. You can also place an order through our online form. Schedule an appointment today!