While most of us don’t have talking cars yet, our vehicles still speak to us. They may not actually speak, but they can give us clues that something might not be right. For example, it’s possible that right now you need a Jaguar oil change and that your car is subtly letting you know. Here you’ll learn about the things to look out for, courtesy of the service center at Jaguar Northfield.

More Trips to the Gas Station

If you drive the same number of miles every week, you probably stop to get gas at consistent intervals. However, if you notice that the needle seems to get closer to empty a lot sooner, old oil could be the reason. It gets thick and dirty over time, which hinders your car’s engine efficiency, thus reducing gas mileage.

Sluggish Driving

Chances are good that you love driving your Jaguar car all over Northfield, and perhaps especially on some of the more winding parts. But if you’re finding that your vehicle just doesn’t power through those curves like it used to, again, old oil may be to blame. This limits the amount of lubrication the parts in the engine can get, and the result is a loss of power.

Dirty-Looking Oil

As a conscientious car owner, you should make a point to look under the hood now and again. While you’ve got the hood propped up, be sure to check your oil. Clean oil is a brownish-yellow color and translucent. If what comes out on the dipstick is dark brown or even black, it’s time for a change.

Don’t Put Off Your Jaguar Oil Change in Northfield, IL Near Chicago

Oil plays a major role in your car’s performance, which is why you need to stay on top of oil changes. If your vehicle is due, contact the service center at Jaguar Northfield. We can also take care of any other maintenance you may need, so contact us today to get started!