Most car owners know that their vehicles need regular maintenance. They may not know, however, when it should be done. Here Jaguar Northfield aims to simplify things by going over key Jaguar service tasks and when to get them.

Tire Pressure Checks and Fluid Top-Offs

The air pressure in your tires can fluctuate. This is why it should be gauged every few months. Fluids should also be checked often, as many systems in your car utilize them and they can dissipate over time. Low fluids always lead to major problems.

Oil Changes and Tire Rotations

The routine oil change is perhaps the most important maintenance for your car, as it has a direct impact on engine health. To make sure you always have clean and fresh motor oil flowing through your engine, it should be changed about every six months. You should also make a point to have your tires rotated twice per year, as this will keep them in good shape for much longer.

Brake Inspections and Battery Tests

Every year, Jaguar technicians should closely examine your braking system and battery. Brake parts like pads and rotors wear down over time, and a yearly inspection will let you know their condition. It is important to have your battery tested annually because they don’t typically have a long lifespan, and this will let you monitor how much power it has left.

Schedule Your Jaguar Service in Northfield, IL

The best way to keep your Jaguar vehicle in great shape is to make sure it gets all the proper maintenance tasks done. Get in touch with Jaguar Northfield near Chicago if you’d like to make an appointment with our service center. You can bring your car in, or we can pick it up from your home. Contact us today!