Once you’ve decided to buy a new or pre-owned Jaguar car, it’s time to think about the financial aspects of the purchase. Jaguar financing is a great option, as it enables you to get the car you want without having to pay for the entire thing right away. Here we go over the financing process and how to get pre-approved for a loan at Jaguar Jacksonville.

Financing Application

The first thing to do to get pre-approved for your loan is to fill out our online application. Inputting your personal and employment information kickstarts the financing process  

The Role of Credit

One aspect of the financing application involves a credit check. Before loaning money to someone, lenders use a credit score to gauge risk. If your credit score needs improvement, take some time to work on it before applying.

Tips for Pre-Approval Success

To give yourself the best opportunity to get a loan with a good interest rate, there are a few things you can do. First of all, if your credit score is on the low side, consider trying to raise it — paying off or consolidating your debt can help.

If you’re looking to buy a car immediately, think about using a co-signer on your loan. As long as this person has a good credit score, you will likely be approved for financing. Just remember that this person will also be held liable for paying back the money if you are unable to, so make sure to manage your payments responsibly.


Get All Your Jaguar Financing Questions Answered in Northfield, IL

Do you have any other questions about financing or getting pre-approved for a loan? Get in touch with Jaguar Northfield. You can also start the process online and someone from our financing center will contact you after you submit the application. Contact us today!