Your Jaguar vehicle is dependent on you to keep it running in optimal condition. Regular service is essential to maintain its great health, and perhaps the most important task is a Jaguar oil change. If you forget about this or just decide not to get it done, there will be negative consequences, and Jaguar Northfield goes over what this entails.

Reduced Performance

If you go too long between oil changes, you will feel it when out on the road. This is because as oil ages, it becomes thick, which reduces engine lubrication. The result is a reduction in the horsepower that can be produced. You will particularly notice this when trying to pass slower traffic or going up hills.

Loss of Fuel Efficiency

Another thing you will discover with a lack of oil changes is that you are needing to stop to get gas more often. Old oil causes an engine to have to work harder, which hurts its efficiency. This means that your fuel economy will suffer.

Potential Breakdown

The worst thing that could happen to your car if you skip oil changes is a complete engine failure. The longer you wait to change the oil, the thicker it will get, and eventually the moving parts in the engine won’t be able to move at all. If this happens, you can bet you will be looking at a costly repair.

Get the Jaguar Oil Change Service You Need in Northfield, IL

As you can see, putting off oil changes is not the smartest move you can make. If your car is due, don’t wait to have this done. Get in touch with the service center at Jaguar Northfield to schedule your appointment!