As spring approaches, we invite you to schedule Jaguar service with us at Jaguar Northfield. Our team will meticulously prepare your vehicle for the sunny days and scenic drives ahead. We will take the utmost care of your vehicle so it delivers the exceptional performance, comfort, and style that you expect from Jaguar.

What to Expect From Us

Our top priorities are your vehicle’s optimal performance and safety. Our certified technicians, with unparalleled expertise in Jaguar models, are equipped to handle all your spring maintenance needs.

Brake System Check

Our technicians inspect your brake system for wear. We identify and remedy issues, such as worn brake pads, before they escalate. We also make sure your vehicle has the optimal level of brake fluid.

Tire and Wheel Adjustments

We check for even tread wear and adjust the tire pressure to suit warmer temperatures. We also ensure its wheels are properly aligned for improved steering accuracy and tire longevity.

Wiper Blade Care

We examine wiper blades for any damage inflicted by winter’s harsh conditions and replace them as needed. This is also a great DIY project, as changing wiper blades is a fairly easy task.

Routine Maintenance

Depending on the vehicle’s age and model, an additional auto service, such as spark plug replacement, air filter replacement, and transmission fluid change, may also be necessary. During our full-service oil change, we’ll take care of all this and ensure your engine has fresh oil going into the warm weather seasons.

Schedule your Jaguar Service in Northfield, IL Near Chicago

When you bring your Jaguar to our Northfield location near Chicago, you can rest assured that our work exceeds the highest standards because we only use genuine Jaguar parts. Spring into action and give your Jaguar the care it deserves. Visit Jaguar Northfield to prepare your vehicle for the adventures that spring has to offer. Contact us to schedule your seasonal tune-up today and experience spring with renewed vitality!