While you may have eagerly awaited the arrival of spring, the same might not be true for your Jaguar vehicle. If it doesn’t seem to be giving you its usual great performance, the problem could be related to overdue Jaguar service. These are the maintenance tasks that are particularly important this time of year.

Oil Change

Over time, oil gets thick. It also thickens up during colder weather. And when this happens, it can’t supply the moving parts in the engine with adequate lubrication. This hurts its power. It also causes your engine to have to work harder, which reduces gas mileage.

Battery Test

Colder temperatures can also hurt a battery. If you had trouble starting your car on very cold days, it could be because the battery is old and its power is running low. This is why it’s worth having it tested and replaced if necessary.

Windshield Wiper Replacement

Another thing that may need to be replaced is your windshield wipers. This time of year especially you need your wipers to be able to clear dust, pollen, and rain effectively so you have the best visibility.

Tire Pressure Check

Have you noticed that you need to stop to get gas more often than usual? In addition to an overdue oil change, this could be because your tires aren’t inflated to the right levels. Underinflated tires also hurt your vehicle’s performance.

Get the Service You Need from Jaguar Northfield

If your vehicle needs these maintenance tasks or any others, get in touch with the service center at Jaguar Northfield to make an appointment. You can bring your car in or we’ll gladly pick it up and return it when the work is done.